Liverpool Vs AFC Bournemouth Match Analysis and Prediction

Liverpool Vs AFC Bournemouth Match Analysis and Prediction

Saturday, 7th March 2020

Time: 12:30 PM (UK Time).

The leading giant in Premier league as per the standing (Liverpool), is set to meet Bournemouth at its grounds.

Both teams have met severally before with Liverpool enjoying the winning side. For instance, having a look at the last five meetings, it is noted that the giant took the lead, scoring at least 3 goals against 0.

Despite the remarkable history between the two teams, there have been signs of invincibility in the reds in past few weeks. Liverpool has conceded eight goals in last three fixtures.

Klopp has fallen to notable defeats against Chelsea, Watford and Athletic Madrid, and this is as per the statistics in past three games across all the competitions.

Given the last matches, Liverpool suffered defeat in its last match with Chelsea on Tuesday, with the results being 2-0 in a match that was held at Stamford Bridge.

In case the giants do not change their tact, they may end up being desperate for victory this Saturday at Anfield.

The situation is almost the same for Bournemouth, as the Cherries face a side struggling with just a single win in the past five games.

There are two main players to watch in the upcoming match, who will determine the position that each team will take after the match, and these are Fabinho and Philip Billing.


For Fabinho, this player was regarded as the best midfielder for Liverpool before his injury, ligament injury, back in November. Fabinho has not been effective as before but still has some energy to spur the performance of the team.

The injured Captain Henderson is also one of the factors that make the Reds to struggle, with this key player being sidelined in the upcoming match once again, then it means that Klopp really needs an outstanding performance at the Midfield from Fabinho; who is now mandated with the responsibility of showing even more leadership of the team.

Klopp is likely to restore Mohammed Salah, and Roberto Firmino.

Key statistics for Fabinho in this season’s premier league is that he has an average of 2.73 tackles in every match.

Philip Billing

Philip Billing is the other sports star to watch on the side of Bournemouth. This midfielder will also be working hard so as to counter Liverpool, and this will be attained through his combative performance in the Middle.

Billing has become one of the key determinants of victory for Bournemouth in the past matches, and still stands as the man to watch in the upcoming Saturday match which will be hosted by Liverpool.

The key statistic for Billing is that he has more than 63 tackles compared to any other Bournemouth player in this season’s premier league.


Head to Head:

Liverpool and Bournemouth have met in 12 matches, with Liverpool winning 10 matches, and Bournemouth winning 1 match. The remaining 1 match ended in a draw.


Liverpool to win





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