Despite the lucrative nature of the gambling industry in Kenya, many individuals and institutions have come up in arms to oppose the sector and ensure its downfall. There is a substantial outcry on the scale of youth obsession towards gambling in relation to the rate of poverty they suffer. I would like to take a bias standpoint in this matter both as a gambler and a youth in the country.

I have been a dedicated gambler since the introduction of football gambling in Kenya and I harbor no ill feeling against the industry whenever I lose out on a bet. Gambling has not only earned the Kenyan youth a meal, they have also been able to pay the bills just like any other individual out there. Economic exclusivity and hardship in Kenya is the reason why many youths opt to take the short and easy route as they strive to acquire financial salvation while they ignore the risks they face in these tough economic times.

Gambling in Kenya should be considered a hustle just like any other, after all, no hustle lacks risk the only difference is their intensity. A word to individuals and government institutions who have been vocal crusaders against gambling, a once in while gambling affair “betting responsibly” is not in any way harmful, on the contrary, it has helped many people escape the grip of poverty.

To the frequent gamblers, too much of it will turn out a deleterious addiction which you won’t be able to control and you will end up languishing in poverty because every coin you earn will be staked upon with hope of regaining lost fortunes. Currently, many websites and blogs Gamblekenya have come up that help in football analysis and game predictions, they have reduced the instances of losses and made the lives of gamblers more bearable.